The Rise Podcast with Steve Schmidt

Episode 16 - Revenue Acceleration, Made Achievable with Brent Keltner (Part 1)

Episode Summary

This episode of The Rise Podcast with Steve Schmidt is the first part of a conversation with Brent Keltner, President at Winalytics. He explains that the buyer and customer journeys are now interconnected to deliver hyper-personalization. For Brent, creating a go to market strategy is fundamentally linked to creating an authentic buyer journey and will always have the customer in mind in every phase of the conversation. Brent reflects on how he creates authentic conversations and how this factor is what brings money in. He advises that asking questions to learn your buyer's goals and pains and demonstrating empathy while you do it should be at the core of reaching out. When it comes to the question of teaching empathy, Brent says that there is no real way to teach it unless there is curiosity to learn. He suggests using behavioral questions to determine a person's EQ and see if there is any empathy to work with and improve. He also provides useful tips to create effective follow ups using your champion's voice. This way, you can speak to technical and economic buyers in a follow-up email that demonstrates empathy and close deals.

Episode Notes


01:47 Buyer and customer journey: Delivering hyper-personalization 

06:46 A knack for listening to customers and and looking out for the customer

12:35 Reaching out: Lead with questions on buyer's goals and have empathy

16:27 Teaching empathy: Ask behavioral questions to determine curiosity and interest 

20:06 Use your champion's voice to create effective follow-ups


17:56 "Every part of the buyer and customer journey has to be connected now. Your sales team has to be connected to the market positioning. Your sales team has to be connected to customer success. How do we land well so we can expand well?"

05:05 "Land and expand around a mutual success plan. Agree on what do we do in phase 1, what do we do in phase 2, and you will grow faster."

11:39 "If you prospect this way around authenticity, if you sell this way, you will differentiate yourself for 90% of the people out there are leading with product, leading with high volume." 

20:31 "Just to ask, where are you seeing the most value? How could this lead to your success is whatever they say, you write it down and you put that buyer success statement at the top of the email... And now, you can speak to the economic buyer and the other technical buyers with your champion's voice on why you might want to work together."

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